Learning & Evaluation

Bold Strategies for Greater Outcomes

Proven Leadership
Our learning and evaluation team is made up of evaluation experts in various program and policy areas. Our combined expertise is grounded in social justice and a deep knowledge of the unique communities and cultures of New Mexico. We have worked with multiple school districts and small communities across the state.

In addition, we have worked in every county of New Mexico and members of our team have worked in McKinley, San Juan, Rio Arriba and Dona Ana counties. Members of our team currently serve 51 school districts in mathematics professional development and assessment. We have strong writers with important publications relevant to this project.

Responsible Approach
Our work in New Mexico has demonstrated success in supporting projects for under-represented students, families and communities. Our approach is grounded in cultural understanding and local experience with vulnerable populations. We provide assessment tools and instruments in Spanish and English. Our holistic, quantitative and qualitative approaches include situational assessment, culturally responsive instrumentation development, community-based evaluation, cluster evaluation, multidimentional analysis, hierarchical regression, analysis of variance (bivariate and multivariate), exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis, and structural equation modeling. Our experts also provide high level proficiency in participatory evaluation and policy research at community, state, national and international levels. We have extensive experience in designing instrumentation specifically intended to capture performance of activities that align with strategic goals and measures. Additionally, our team members are experts in the development of technology integration and implementation.

Sustainable Results
Our goal when working on projects is to create sustainability and leave communities with additional capacity to build their own success stories. Gadsen Independent Schools District is one example of a district we have worked with since 1999 that was once 88th out of 89th in math achievement and whose 95% Hispanic and 60% ELL students are now often outperforming more affluent districts in the state. We espouse an asset based perspective rather than a deficit based frame of thinking. Success is based on valuing what individuals bring to the learning environment and by providing increased access to opportunities to learn and work.

Team Synthesis

We believe that any organization is only as strong as its team members. Their individual expertise must align with a shared vision, commitment to real and measurable outcomes, and their ability to work together in such a way that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

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