Success in Reading

New Mexico State University offers a multifaceted approach to narrowing achievement gaps in reading to ensure all students have the opportunity to grow and thrive in our diverse and rapidly evolving community. Programs emphasize reading as it relates to culture as well as special emphasis on bi-literacy and students with special education needs.

Language, Literacy, and Culture

The Language, Literacy and Culture program prepares educational leaders and scholars for complex methods in approaches to reading, language and literacy education, particularly related to issues of social justice and equity. Research includes a reading lab for young children, work with struggling adolescents, and programs for bi-literacy.

Reading and Special Education

Deborah Rhein

Deborah Rhein

Dr. Deborah Rhein is a special education/communications disorders professor who supports districts on Response to Intervention (RTI ) and autism programs. Initial results from the 2009‐2010 Literacy Leaps project at the Hatch Valley Middle School are promising. The mean reading scores for the sixth grade class rose an entire year for the fall semester.

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