Earth System Science Education Alliance

Caliornia wildfire

California Wildfires is an ESSEA module designed by Dr. H. Prentice Baptiste.

NMSU College of Education is a participating institution in the The Earth System Science Education Alliance (ESSEA). ESSEA is a NASA, NSF and NOAA-supported program implemented by the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) to improve the quality of geoscience instruction for pre-service and in-service K-12 teachers. Started in 2000, the program currently includes the participation of 40+ institutions, with over 3,000 teachers having completed an ESSEA course as of fall 2009.

ESSEA courses are based on a series of online course modules for teachers that are offered by participating institutions. These institutions and faculty receive training, technical support, the ability to create and share their own course modules, and join an active community of Earth system science educators.

The inquiry-based courses provide teachers with the content knowledge and tools they need to incorporate Earth system science into their curricula. ESSEA modules are also available on this site as teacher resources.