Work Plan Sample #2


Goal 1 – Restructure  Instructional Time, Roles for Principals &Assistant Principals, and Pay System to include Incentives 
Objectives Actions Timeline Responsibility Outcomes
Create a 4-day school week with extended hours and a one-day/week community-based learning day. The school board in YTSD (Your Town School District) has already passed a resolution to extend student instructional time, is considering this model and surveying parents. Year One of the grant will require this restructured school week to be in place. Superintendent, Associate Superintendent, & School Board approve. Deputy superintendent in charge of community-learning facilitation The newly restructured school week will have 4 extended days and an additional day of community learning. involvement in schools.
Reassign principals to instructional leadership duties and provide training The Center for Educational Leadership (CEL) in partnership with the YTSD instructional leadership team will introduce and implement the systemic professional development (PD) model.
Coordinators, coaches, and PD experts will be hired to assist in year one.
The timeline for professional development is based on moving through the 5 stage model toward leadership. Intense professional development in years one  and two will lead to graduate programs and advanced professional development in years three to five. Associate Superintendent for Education, and SAIL Principle Investigator and Director, P. Garcia will work with the DSU team from the Center for Educational Leadership (CEL) to implement PD. Principals will become increasingly comfortable with facilitating instructional learning in classrooms. They will adapt a new type of leadership that involves collaborative work with teacher leaders.
Reassign assistant principals to become student performance and assessment specialists and provide training. The Department of Educational Management  (EMD) and the Center for Educational Leadership (CEL) will provide classes and professional development in collaboration with YTSD evaluation team. Intensive training in accountability literacy will be provided beginning in year EMD and CEL will teach analyzing, understanding and profiling student performance within school sites. Dr. H. Chavez with CEL and Dr. Bill Smith, Dept. .Head for EMD will work with J. Doe, YTSD to provide support for Assistant Principals.  this program Principals, Assistant Principals, and Developing Leaders will be able to use data to make decisions with faculty related to improving student achievement.
Goal 2  and Goal 4– Create a systemic model for increased  professional leadership leading to increased student achievement
Objectives Actions Timeline Responsibility Outcomes
Implement a new model for leadership provided by CEL and EMD. Collaborative develop with the YTSD district, administrative training program, courses, and professional development opportunities Implement five levels of the Systemic Leadership Model for developing leaders at all levels in knowledge, skills and dispositions leading to increased student achievement. Leadership development will begin  with provisional teachers and proceed through highly qualified principals. As soon as Project SAIL is approved, participants will be selected and the specifics of the professional development activities will be finalized.  All five levels will be addressed simultaneously, but leaders will move from one level to the next. to another. D. Martinez, Bill Smith, H. Chavez and C. Johnson who will assist with in-depth instructional content workshops and coaching. Participants will develop at the level(s) appropriate for them.  Principals, assistant principals, and developing leaders (Ps, APs, & DLs) will become highly qualified as systemic, contextual, accountability literacy, and instructional leaders.
Goal 2  and Goal 4– Create a systemic model for increased  professional leadership (continued)
Objectives Actions Timeline Responsibility Outcomes
Provide instructional support in target areas: math, science/inquiry and special education Special workshops will be provided by faculty researchers working in collaboration with YTSD instructional specialists to help grow pedagogical content knowledge in target content areas. As soon as Project SAIL is approved, participants will be selected and the specifics of the professional development activities will be finalized Dr. Martinez will work with university researchers, Dr. Gray, C. Johnson, Elliot Blue, K. Smith, and YTSD instruction group. Principals, Assist. Principals and Developing Leaders will routinely share examples of specific teaching and curriculum strategies are associated with improved student achievement.
Increase data-driven decision-making and accountability Step 4 of professional development for leadership, the assistant principal (AP) level will emphasize data-driven decision-making and accountability for all YTSD participants.


AP.’s will receive intensive support in year one and two, including help in analyzing & understanding student & school data &using data-based research strategies for decision making. In years 3-5 APs  will mentor new APs  in accountability literacy. Elliot Blue, H. Chavez from the DSU and Mark Randall from YTSD will design Professional development Principals, Assistant Principals, and Developing Leaders can. document examples of decisions in teaching, assignment, curriculum, assessment and intervention that have been made on the basis of data analysis.
Provide opportunities for teachers to become assistant principals and principals. Provide masters and education specialist degrees. Educational Management and Development will offer and Educational Specialist degree in it for participants who are interested. Courses leading to the degree will be offered when the training begins.  The degree will take two years to complete. Elliot Blue, EMD department At least 20 teachers from YTSD will enter programs to help them get their administrative licensure. At least 10 principals will become involved in advanced leadership work.
Goal 4- Increase recruitment and retention of teachers and administrators 
Objectives Actions Timeline Responsibility Outcomes
Form partnership with DSU pre-service administrator and teacher programs to increase enrollment of local majority Hispanic teachers and administrators. YTSD  and DSU will collaborate through a series of retreats to plan how degrees and preparation programs will inculcate salient aspects of the models for teaching and leadership. Three retreats will occur during the first year of the Project SAIL.  One will occur at the beginning of each of the subsequent four years. D. Martinez, Bill Smith, H. Chavez and C. Johnson The contribution of each entity will seem to participants to blend seamlessly.
Continue reform orientation of Your Town  schools as models for student success. Provide funding to pursue advanced degrees, attend professional conferences and participate in professional leadership opportunities, The activities outlined will be offered to YTSD teachers throughout the grant. D. Martinez, Bill Smith, H. Chavez and C. Johnson Retention of teachers &administrators will continue. Hispanic teachers from the community will move into leadership roles.
Goal 5- Increase Informal and Out-of-School Learning for students through university and community partnerships
Objectives Actions Timeline Responsibility Outcomes
Invite agencies to provide programs both academic and in recreational and health on one day/week in the YTSD  area. $300,000 has been allocated as matching funds for community agencies to offer programs on Fridays. Ongoing programs in some schools like the science clubs and family festivals will be expanded to more schools. An RFP for Friday community programs will be issued in year one of the grant. Additional grants will be sought to increase community and parent participation. B.Curry, deputy superintendent in YTSD and Associate Superintendent for Student  Services will facilitate the growth of community and parent learning involvement The community-based learning program will grow each year and increase by at least one new program. It is anticipated that additional community learning will also be added on some evenings and Saturdays
Require SES providers to provide tutorial programs on Fridays and connect these programs to in-class activities YTSD’s instructional team, principals and teacher leaders will meet with SES providers to work on a plan to connect tutoring with classroom learning After the grant is awarded a meeting will be set up with SES providers requiring them to coordinate activities with regular school offerings and to offer activities and workshops on Fridays. B. Curry and H. Chavez and DSU’s Alliance program. SES programs will be better coordinated with regular school programs and increased student achievement will occur.
Goal 6- Develop and disseminate a sustainable model that builds capacity for achievement through leadership and incentives
Objectives Actions Timeline Responsibility Outcomes
Continue to present successful models of increasing student achievement in high need districts at state, national, and international conferences.
Continue partnership with the DSU sponsored Alliance for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning which includes 25 districts, regional educational centers, and others.
YTSD personnel and collaborating faculty are already involved in presenting a district-wide approach to raising achievement in math and literacy. Presentations have been done to the state legislature and invited from as far away as Oxford, England Current presentations on YTSD’s district-wide successful reform will continue. As the new model of improving student achievement through incentive pay and leadership development. D. Martinez, Bill Smith, H. Chavez and C. Johnson will continue to write about the reform and present at national and international conferences. One district in New Mexico, Espanola that is very low in achievement has already visited YTSD and is implementing a similar model. Additional districts will be invited to partner with YTSD in increasing achievement especially for high need areas.