Letters of Support Sample 2

February XX, 20XX

The Selection Committee
Some Program Fund Grant Application
U.S. Dept. of Education, XXXXXX
1212 Main Street
Room 12123
Name of City, State, Zip


As the Executive Director of the New Mexico Association of “School-Related Activities,” I am writing this letter of support for the SOME PROGRAM. SOME PROGRAM is being submitted by the Your Town School District (YTSD) in partnership with (VARIOUS PRESTIGIOUS INSTITUTIONS).

The goals of the SOME PROGRAM provide for a systemic approach to raising academic achievement of students in the Gadsden Independent School District. The recent history of YTSD demonstrates the commitment of district personnel to developing high quality programs based on educational research and providing the support necessary to successfully implement these programs district wide. The result has been continuous improvement in the academic achievement of students in the district.

Research has consistently proven the importance of high-quality teachers. Many New Mexico school districts are very rural and deal with the unique challenges of border schools. These districts consistently combat the problem of retaining high-quality teachers. The results of the SAIL program and the documentation recorded describing the implementation will be beneficial in providing a guide for other school districts that are facing similar challenges.

As the Executive Director of the New Mexico Association of “School Related Activities,” I highly support SOME PROGRAM and believe the implementation of this program will provide data that can be used for increasing academic achievement in school districts throughout our country.


Supporter M. Name

Supporter M. Name, Ed.D.
Executive Director
New Mexico Association of “School Related Activities”