Abstract for a Service Grant

Sample #1

Submitted by New Mexico State University 

 As a minority-majority state with a high rate of poverty and low educational achievement, New Mexico is experiencing a critical need for highly qualified math and science teachers. This proposal brings together research universities, educational consortia, and 24 school districts with high needs to address this need through an innovative teacher preparation program and nested professional development experiences.

Program goals include utilizing and strengthening existing STEM partnerships to recruit, train, and retain 40 new math and science secondary (grades 6-12) teachers each year for a period of 5 years.  At the end of the program, the components will be institutionalized and a total of 200 new teachers will have been placed in the 20 partner school districts.  Program outcomes will include 200 new teachers who are prepared to serve the diverse and high needs population of New Mexico; understand best practices in math and science instructional methodology; are committed to the field of education; and bring a diversity of backgrounds and experience to their work. Moreover, this statewide program will attract continuing support beyond the grant period.

Program participants will hold a bachelor’s degree in science, math, or engineering and will earn alternative licensure to teach math and science.  They will participate in coursework over two summers, one fall semester, and one spring semester during their first year of teaching.  Mentors will be work with individual participants throughout the program, and, for the second and third years, the participants will join the Scientifically and/or Mathematically Connected Communities (state STEM programs) to participate in monthly professional development opportunities as well as ongoing summer workshops.  In subsequent years, science/math field specialists will continue the mentoring through team teaching, demonstration lessons, lesson design, and other activities requested by the participants or identified through program assessment.