How to Find Grants

How to Find Grants

  1. Try for most comprehensive Dept. of Education federal funding source
    1. Go to and click on Search Grants
    2. You can search by using keyword(s) and customize (narrow) your search based on
      1. Opportunity status,
      2. Funding instrument type,
      3. Eligibility,
      4. Category, and
      5. Agency


Keywords Opportunity status Funding instrument type Eligibility Category Agency
Humanities posted Grant Native American tribal governments Humanities All Categories
Reading in higher education posted All Funding Instruments All Eligibilities Education All Department of Education
STEM posted Grant Unrestricted Science and Technology and other Research and Development All National Science Foundation


Searching for Grant Opportunities on

  1. Try for grants through the National Science Foundation
  2. Try for National Endowment for the humanities
  3. gov for National Institute of Health

III. Foundations

  1. Go to the Foundation Directory Online
  2. Enter password for NMSU
    1. User name: newmexstate
    2. Password: goaggies
  3. Enter Field of interest and/or type of support. Can use index (Publication)(math education) (special education) and click Search.
  4. You get search results based on nine databases (Grantmakers, Grants, 990s, Companies, Issue Lab reports, News, RFPs, Jobs, Nonprofit Literature )
  5. Selecting a particular database on left side menu and narrow your search based on country, Type of Grantmaker, and so on
  6. Look at list of foundations. You might want to pick those that give a lot of $
  7. Check if applications are available. (You can also put that in the selection criteria).
  8. Read the (rfp) carefully and follow the directions, e.g. if they want an email first do it; if they want a one page letter be sure it is one page, etc.
  9. Sometimes Susan Brown says she just picks up the phone to see if her request is appropriate.
  10. Several people in the college have been very successful in getting foundation funds that you can talk with: Dr. Susan Brown, Denise Rodriquez-Strong, our service learning coordinator. There may be others. You can talk to them.
  11. After searching foundations set up a meeting with the college development officer who can work with you on additional their sources of funds including foundations and donors. Please do not contact foundations directly until consulting with the college development officer.

Useful video on how to use Foundation Directory Online

Thank you to Gaspard Mucundanyi, doctoral students in the College of Education for preparing this component of the workshop on how to search for grants. is willing to answer further questions about searching.