NM Schools

New Mexico’s Public Schools face unique challenges with a highly diversified mixture of language, income level, and culture as well as a high number of schools in rural and economically depressed areas. Reading scores, for instance, are typically among the bottom three states depending on how tests are given and measured.

On the other hand, New Mexico has made great strides in reaching out to its students and their families, and a wide range of data is made easily accessible.

Proficiency Trends in Reading and Math:
From New Mexico Public Education Department PowerPoint: State of Education in New Mexico, March 2008



(See also New Mexico Public Education Department PDF: Making Schools Work, Foundations for Success)


New Mexico Public Schools Links:

District Report Cards: Detailed testing and demographic info
New Mexico Public Education Department: Official website

  • Public Information Office: Contacts plus links to fact sheets, annual reports and other information
  • NM School fact sheets
  • Interactive School District Map: Map provides links to all NM district websites

Public School Review: Home values and other data by county and district

Adequate Yearly Progress Reports: AYP page at NMPED