NM Economy

Industry and Economy

Oil pump near Carlsbad, New Mexico

Oil pump near Carlsbad, New Mexico

Despite the growth of technology and trade in Albuquerque and other small cities, New Mexico remains a largely rural and impoverished state, with the majority of the population living in small towns or vast swaths of un- or under-developed countryside. At the same time, New Mexico helps lead the way in atomic, space, and other highly technical research fields largely through federal and military spending but also private enterprise such as IBM. This paints a picture of wide extremes in levels of education and income, as well as educational expectations.

New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions (Department of Labor)

  • Leading Industries
    • Agriculture and Mining
      • cattle, dairy, and crops
    • Energy
      • petroleum and natural gas
    • Manufacturing
      • US defense, lasers, coal
    • Defense and Government
      • Multiple Air Force bases
      • White Sands Missile Range
      • Los Alamos and Sandia National Labs
      • Fort Bliss
      • US Forest Service, National Park Service
    • Tourism and Retirement
    • Education
      • Public Schools and Universities