Data for Grants

NMSU Facts

Common Core State Standards

  • Common Core Data – Data tools, build your own table, and other tools from IES, National Center for Education Statistics
  • More Common Core – See the Center for Research and Outreach’s Common Core pages

Civil Rights and Underrepresented Populations

Regional Data

New Mexico School Districts

  • School Grades – A letter grade for your school in New Mexico, from NMPED and the Secretary of Education
  • District Report Cards – Linked by year
  • School Fact Sheets – Class size, demographics by gender and ethnicity, graduation rates and other data searchable by district and school in an easy-to-use interface provided by NMPED
  • NM Ethnicity by District 2010 (Excel)
  • District Snapshots (2009 Data)
  • District Report Cards – Detailed testing and demographic information
  • New Mexico Public Education Department – Official website
    • Public Information Office – Contacts plus links to fact sheets, annual reports, and other information
    • School Fact Sheets
    • Interactive School District Map – Provides links to district websites
  • Public School Review – Home values and other data by county and district
  • 2011 AYP Page at NMPED