Counseling & Educational Psychology Research

Drs. Chun and Dickson

Drs. Chun and Dickson

Counseling & Educational Psychology faculty engage in research and community service. Research topics include behavioral health training and self-efficacy, school belongingness, adolescence risk and protective factors, social and emotional development, multicultural competence, indigenous ways of knowing, gender roles, group work, prevention, and therapy outcomes.

Recent Counseling & Educational Psychology Publications


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Book Chapters

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Journal Articles

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Schwartz, J. P. (co-Principal; 2011-Funded), Sponsored Research, “Spanish Counseling Specialization”, Sponsoring Organization: American Psychological Association, Sponsoring Organization Is: Other, Research Credit: $3,000.00, PI Total Award: $3,000.00,

Adams, E., & Schwartz, J. P. (2010-Funded) Behavioral Health Psychology Training on the US-Mexico Border. Health Resource and Services Administration, Graduate Psychology Education Program. Interdisciplinary collaborative training grant to enhance the training experience of doctoral students in Counseling Psychology by having them work in primary care and behavioral health settings. $340,000 for 3 years.