ENLACE for Student Success

ENLACE New Mexico StudentENLACE engages students with a culturally responsive curriculum

ENLACE serves as a catalyst to bring together various stakeholders, working collaboratively, to create and support a more responsive, accountable, accessible, and supportive educational system for Latino/a students.

Under the directorship of Federico Marquez, the Southern New Mexico ENLACE Collaborative begins by engaging parents of elementary children and follows through to the students’ first year of college. The result has been a 100% retention rate among first year college students.

Please see below for details of the individual ENLACE programs.

Parental Engagement

The Parental Engagement component of ENLACE works with the parents of students from elementary through high school, as well as school personnel. Parental Engagement has recently produced 15 video “training modules” used throughout Texas public schools. These modules provide a greater understanding of positive, parent engagement as well as best practices for students from a parent perspective.

Si Se Puede and A.C.E. Curriculum

Si Se Puede and A.C.E. (Academic Curricula for Excellence) serve as complimentary programs to help high school students better understand themselves, their heritage, and the borderland community.

In practice, the programs assist with building skills in time management, organization, and other indispensable skills necessary for success both in high school, higher education, and beyond.


EXITO! offers a class each fall titled Culture, Learning and Academic Achievement in a Diverse Society. The course assists students transitioning from the ENLACE schools as well as other incoming students to the university. The class emphasizes the development of culturally responsive learning strategies and skills to enhance academic achievement while also helping students become grounded thinkers, problem solvers, technology proficient educators, and effective practitioners.

The program has had stunning success, with a 100% retention rate among first year college students.

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