Student Success

35mm-day-4New Mexico State University believes that every student deserves the opportunity to thrive and to succeed. Our results-driven approach includes assisting students from Pre-K, into college, and everywhere in between. Parental and community cooperation also play key roles in our student development program. This wide, multi-tiered approach has had significant impact in narrowing achievement gaps and dramatically reducing drop-out rates.

Please see the programs featured below or visit our page: Student Success Center – Hardman.
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Engaging Latino Communities for Education (ENLACE)

students collaborating

ENLACE is derived from the Spanish word Enlazar, which means to link or weave together – to connect in such a way that the new entity is stronger than its parts.

Under the directorship of Dr. Federico Marquez, ENLACE sponsors culturally responsive programs such as A.C.E. (Academic Curriculum for Excellence), EXITO! and Si Se Puede to engage students from elementary school through early college. Parents and other community stakeholders play key roles with proven results in student achievement and retention. Learn More…

Building Community Capacity for Educational Excellence (BC2E2)

Under the guidance of Dr. Michelle Valverde, BC2E2 helps achieve educational excellence by applying several key ideas and strategies. Most importantly, we seek to create a community that begins talking openly across cultural, linguistic, and generational lines about what educational excellence is, why we need it, and how we can achieve it. Learn More…

Service Learning Office

College of Education Service Learning Office collaborates with community partners to provide students with educational opportunities in community service through placement in government agencies, educational entities, civic organizations, and advocacy groups. Learn More…

Strong Kids

For the past two years, Ivelisse Torres-Fernandez, Assistant Professor of Education and Counseling Psychology, has been implementing the Strong Kids/Strong Start curricula in the Las Cruces Public Schools and in other parts of the state. Learn More…
The success of our students is of utmost importance to our community, workforce development, and the economic and social well-being of our children and their country.