The following is a list of current projects of the IEMSE. Please click on the titles to learn more about the goals of each of the projects.

Math Snacks: Addressing Gaps in Conceptual Mathematics Understanding with Innovative MediaMathsnacks
NSF # 0918794; National Science Foundation – DRK-12; $3,498,667
Free innovative media animations, games and web-site materials that address issues of math gaps in conceptual understanding.



Mathematically Connected Communities MC2 mc2

Dept. of Education, NM PED, HED, 2006 to present (through different funding agencies), Professional Development



Mathematics Teacher Education Partnership & Teacher Education Partnership Team MTE-TEPT partnership

2012 to present, Partnership with Association of Public and Land Grant Universities




Southern NM Science, Engineering, Mathematics Aerospace 

NASA, several foundations, spaceport taxes, 21st CCLC; $350,000; Annually
Engages traditionally underrepresented K-12 students from the STEM fields in inquiry-based learning programs funded by NASA, Space Port taxes and foundations.





Science brain battleBrainbattle
Spaceport taxes; $20,800; Annually







Scientifically Connected Communities (SC2)SC2
Higher Education Department, spaceport taxes; $154,000; Annually
Provides support and resources for the professional development of teachers with inquiry-based teaching strategies in order to increase the number of highly qualified science teachers in NM and scientific literacy overall.


21st Century Community Learning Centers (CCLC)
NMPED; $825,000; 2 More Years



Readers Theaterreaderstheater
21st CCLC; $92,000; Four years ending in 2017







Integrative Mini-cases in the Ecology of Infectious Disease NIH
NSF; 1.2 Million: 3 years


ProjectGUTS: Growing Up Thinking Scientifically GUTS
Spaceport taxes; $25,000; Four years




NASA International Moon Buggy Competition
Spaceport taxes; $235,200; Annually


NASA Pre-Service Professional Development SeriesNASA
Paragon TEC – NASA; $22,036.00; September 2014-December 2014





DISSECT Discover Science through Computational Thinking (GK12)GK12
NSF; $2.9 Million; 5 years







DiMA– Digital Media AcademyDiMA
21st Century Community Learning Centers; Fall 2012-Spring 2016
Project based investigation of scientific, historical, and mathematical content using innovative technology to gather and analyze data as well as documenting findings.


COUNT: Creating Opportunities Using Numerical ThinkingCOUNT
21st Century Community Learning Centers; $80,000; Four years