Below is a list of recent and continuing projects with links to their websites and contact information. Most of these projects are or were grant-funded.

Behavioral Health Psychology Training website Dr. Eve Adams
ENLACE ENLACE is a national movement for educational equity for all students in this country. Dr. Frederico Marquez
Graduate Psychology Education Program Dr. Eve Adams
Head Start
Mathematics & Science Partnership Dr. Karin Wiburg
MC2 – Mathematically Connected Communities Dr. Karin Wiburg
Rites Online – Reaching In-Service Teachers with Earth Science Online Dr. H. Prentice Baptiste
Roadrunner Pre-K Program
SC2: Scientifically Connected Communities Dr. Susan W. Brown
SEMAA Science, Engineering, Mathematics and Aerospace Academy Dr. Susan Brown
Service Learning Aggie Tutor Partnership Denise Rodriguez Strawn
Training School Psychology Practitioners Dr. Elsa Arroyos-Jurado