Proposal Submission

The Educational Research and Budgeting Office (ERB) of the College of Education facilitates the submission of proposals by assisting Principal Investigators (PIs) with understanding the processes for preparation and submission of proposals and by helping to develop proposal budgets.  All proposals should be brought to the appropriate fiscal personnel in the ERB for approval and conveyance to the Office of Grants and Contracts, which will submit the proposal to the funding agency on behalf of the University.

The Proposal Submission Process

  • As soon as a PI identifies an RFP of interest, the PI should bring the RFP to the ERB to let the staff know of the intent to respond and to receive any advice or assistance that might be appropriate.  (For assistance in writing the proposal, see our Proposal Development page for templates, data and other resources.)
  • ERB staff members will help to explain the procedures for gaining approval from the Institutional Review Board (IRB) regarding Human Subjects.  Any research that will involve human participants must receive the approval of the IRB.  The requirements and approval process change from time to time, so it is important to consult the NMSU Research Compliance website, before preparing an application.  When a grant is submitted to the National Science Foundation (NSF), the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and an increasing number of other funding institutions, the application includes a checkbox that must be completed indicating the current status of the project’s IRB application.  In all cases, IRB approval must be obtained before project activities can commence.The IRB process requires that researchers complete a computer-based training course at NIH.  This training takes approximately 1 hour to complete.  Visit the NMSU Research Compliance website (see link above) to determine whether you should print the certificate of training completion to include with your IRB application.
  • ERB staff members can also assist with interpretation of cost share and indirect cost guidelines, as appropriate.  Any voluntary cost share will require a waiver and will need to be approved by the Dean and the Vice President for Research.  Essentially, it is against NMSU policy to offer voluntary cost share.  Moreover, it is NMSU’s policy to charge full IDC (indirect costs), also referred to as F&A (facilities and administration) costs unless the funding agency caps this rate (in which case the PI will need to provide written documentation of the cap).  A form for request of waiver of IDC rate or cost share may be found on the Office of Contracts & Grants website:
  • ERB staff members will initiate all internal forms, including the university’s Proposal Award Form, the OGC Checklist and Proposal Submission Requirements, and the Cost Accounting Standards Template. Current forms can be found on the Office of Contracts & Grants website:
  • Once the narrative of the proposal is developed (for assistance in writing the proposal, see our Proposal Development page for templates, data and other resources), the PI should contact the ERB fiscal staff member for assistance with developing the budget.  The fiscal staff member will then fill out the CAS template.
  • The proposal packet should be ready for submission no later than one week prior to the agency deadline.  The PI should take the proposal packet to the ERB for sign off in the College and for submission to OGC.  The PI will receive notification from OGC when the proposal has been successfully submitted.