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Contextualizing Early Childhood Studies: An E-Journal
The journal is a peer-reviewed Open Access scholarly journal and features articles that offer contributions to current scholarship in the field. The mission of the e-journal is to examine research-based knowledge that can provide a deeper understanding of the education of young children. The intent of the journal is to report original research and perspectives by professionals, students, and academicians. The e-journal seeks to reflect the manifold dimensions of early childhood education and therefore, is open to a wide range of potential topics and approaches to investigation.

The Border Walking Journal (pdf)
The Border Walking Journal is a publication of the Borderlands Center for Educational Studies (BoCES), New Mexico State University, a Center whose goals are (a) To develop relationships and partnerships with schools, universities, and agencies; (b) To acknowledge, understand, and embrace diverse community epistemologies; (c) To engage in quantitative and qualitative research and leadership development; (d) To address critical issues and inform public policy with communities in the borderlands.